On November 22, 2018, the Round Table of the Economic Section was held with the invited guest Mr. Matej Šimalčík from the Institute of Asian Studies, who is dealing with Chinese influence in Europe. Mr. Šimalčík approached the current position of Chinese investments in the countries of the European Union and in the "16 + 1" countries. During the discussion the participants came to the conclusion that thanks to the investments from China there is a great potential in this region.

Discussions also focused on the opportunities and threats of Chinese investment. The sustainability and future of the "Belt and Road Initiative" during slowdown in the Chinese economy was also discussed. Guest pointed out that „Belt and Road Initiative" itself is a vague project. He also criticised this project which he considers to be a project without specific content and which China can change and adapt to the current situation.

The whole discussion was a great contribution to the future work of the Economic Section.