The Model Conference is a project of senior year students of the Faculty of International Relations who has been working on the project systematically during the last two terms of their university studies. The main goal of this project is to apply theoretical knowledge learnt at school into practice, supervised by their teachers and collaborating with specialists from the given field. The students are divided into three groups: Organizing Committee, Economic Section and Environmental Section. During both terms various activities related to the project are organized (round tables, negotiations of the sections) where the individual sections discuss the current topics of international relations with invited guests. The highlight of the project is the final conference that shall be held in the Assembly Hall of University of Economics in Bratislava with many important guests, specialists and diplomats in attendance.

The Model Conference is designated not only for students of the Faculty of International Relations who actively participate in its realization, but also for students of other departments – journalism, mass media communication, movie production or translation and interpreting who participate in the project as well. Last but not least, the Model Conference is designated also for experts and lay people and the students shall try to describe the subject and present an alternative view of point.

The final preparations for the 14th year of the Model Conference 2021 of the Faculty of International Relations are currently under way. They shall culminate on 13 April 2021 in the Assembly Hall of Univeristy of Economics in Bratislava.


Ing. Kristína Baculáková, PhD.

Head of Model Conference and Organizational team

Ing. Tomáš Kajánek

Head of Economic Section

Ing. Kristína Krúpová

Head of Political Section