The Environmental Section of the Model Conference 2020 of the Faculty of International Relations deals with climate change issues that are supposed to require adequate response from the international environment. The impacts of climate change transform the world every day. Despite of the fact that most of the countries have committed themselves to seek for optimal solutions in transforming their national economies to be in harmony with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, many countries are still placing their own political and economic interests before efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our planet.

The aim of the environmental section is to discuss the fulfillment of environmental goals, to analyze the successes, but especially the deficiencies of state’s environmental policies and furthermore to deepen the international cooperation to eliminate the impacts of environmental changes on our environment. Aspirations, of the Environmental Section is within these two semesters culminate with detailed preparation for the significant climate summit which will be held in November in Glasgow.

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The chair of the Economic Section is Bc. Darina Čulková, who coordinates the activities of the whole section.

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